Sorkins Search Capabilities
All searches return a list of companies or a list of names that meet the criteria asked for by a particular search. At this point, specific list items can be checked for viewing or downloading. The appropriate button is clicked to process the checked items.

Button    Report
View Profiles    View full company profiles.
Snapshot    View profile with only basic contact information.

The Company Profile includes multiple contact names (full name, title and function), executives, vice presidents, department managers, board members, full description, company name, address, phone, fax, website, sales, employee size, industry, year company was founded. Many profiles include executive email addresses, company's bank, CPA firm, law firm, and more!

The Company Snapshot is a subset of the full Company Profile. Each record includes one contact name, title, company name, address, phone, fax, sales, employee size, industry, year founded, and website.

Site usage is accounted for in terms of credits
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A single credit is expended for each profile viewed or downloaded.

For a brief explanation of a given search, click on its name from the following list:
(Note: Each descriptions heading is an active link to that particular search page. Just click and you are there!)

Search Criteria

The Sorkins database can be searched using the following criteria: region (St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago), company name, sales, employees, year founded, company location (state, city, street, zip code, county), major industry, industry code (SDIC, SIC, NAICS), person's name, person's title, personnel function, hierarchy, phone number, and description key word. These criteria are combined to produce the specific searches listed below.

Company Search

The company search generates a list of companies by searching on company name.

If you are looking for a company with the word "Shorts" in it, but can't remember if the company is "The Shorts Store" or "Shorts R Us", click the contains option, type in the word "Shorts" and any company with the word " Shorts" in it's name will be returned in the results list.

Build a List

This search generates a list of companies by searching on any combination of region, company location (state, city, street, ZIP code, county), company name, description keyword, major industry, industry specific code, personell function, hierarchy, title, sales, employees, ownership type or year founded.

This search combines all of the search criteria in the more specific Company, Industry, and Geographic searches, and also includes personnel function and title searching. When personnel function, hierarchy, or title are included a list of individual names is generated. Each person is listed with their associated company.

This is the power search that long-time users of Sorkins are used to. If you want to combine industry and geographic criteria or sales with personnel functions in a given region, or any combination thereof, this is the page to do it.

People Search

The people generates a list of names by searching on region, and the person's first and last name. Person's found are listed along with title and company name.

People - Built a List

This search looks and works exactly like the Company - Build A List search with one important difference, the resulting list will contain ALL the personnel names for a given company. The names are listed alphabetically by company name, then by corporate hierarchy within each company.

Industry Search

The industry search generates a list of companies by searching on any combination of region, major industry, industry code (NAICS - North American Industry Classification System, SIC - Standard Industry Classification, or SDIC - Sorkins Directory Industrial Categories), sales, or employees.

Industry searching can be performed using a specific industry code:

Code Full Name
SDIC Sorkins Directory Industrial Categories
SIC Standard Industry Classification
Developed by U.S. government.
NAICS North American Industry Classification System.
Developed by U.S. government.
Replaces previous SIC classifications.

Twenty years ago, Sorkins introduced its proprietary "Sorkins Directory Industrial Classification Codes". The SDIC codes were developed to account for how the industrial world had drastically changed since the original SIC codes were developed. In 2002, the government revised and published the new SIC — now titled NAICS — codes.

Whether it's by a major industry category (i.e. all Manufacturers) or sub-industries (Manufacturers of Doorknobs), it's all here. The user can combine the industry criteria with sales and/or number of employees to create a more targeted list.

Geographic Search

This geographic search generates a list of companies by searching on any combination of company location (state, city, street, ZIP code, county), sales, employees, or keyword.

Phone Search

The phone search generates a list of companies by searching on phone number, or fax number. All regions are searched.

Who Uses Whom

In many cases, Sorkins tracks various service firms that help companies do business. Find companies that use particular banks, legal firms, cpa firms, or insurance companies.

The user is able to narrow these searches down based on the company sales and employee size. If you need all the companies that use US Bank in the $20-$50 Million range, you can find them here.

Current Leads

Daily Business Leads on business changes that have occurred within the last
2 weeks in the St. Louis Metro area.

Available categories include:
  • New Business
  • New Locations
  • New Branches
  • Expansions
  • Remodels
  • Changes of Ownership
  • Food & Drink Establishments
The BRB research has been made available to all customers at NO EXTRA CHARGE (a one year subscription to BRB alone is $1,620.).
For credit based subscribers, 1 credit is used for each company lead viewed.

Companies Saved / People Saved

Users can save viewed companies or people for later review.

This feature allows users to choose specific Company or People Profiles and save them to a list. To view the saved list, click the link appearing in the gray bar under the Sorkins logo.

To save companies or executives, simply check the box shown next to the profiles or snapshots you want to review later and click the "Save Checked" link at the top of the page.

You can delete companies from this list, view the "Companies Saved" or "People Saved" list, checking the companies and clicking "Delete Checked."

There is no limit to the number of companies that can be saved. You are charged a credit when a company or people profile on the saved list is viewed.