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What is a Credit? (back to top)

1 credit equals 1 view of a Profile, Snapshot, or LEAD
1 credit equals 1 download of each company or executive profile.

If you have a Sorkins.com Unlimited account, no need to worry about credits.

What is a company Profile? (back to top)

Company Profiles will include any or all of the following:

Ownership qualification, annual sales/budget, number of employees (locally and nationally), year founded, multiple addresses with phone, fax, toll free numbers and website.

Detailed descriptions which often give the company history.

Industrial classification in three formats: Sorkins SDIC Codes, SIC Codes and NAICS Codes.

Top management including CEO's, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Department Managers as well as people in charge of finance, personnel, production, IT, marketing, public relations, purchasing, sales and board members (with company affiliation). Email addresses when available.

In some profiles you may find what CPA Firm, Law Firm, or Bank a company uses, as well as, the insurance broker for Life/Health and Property/Casualty (you can also find this information via the "Who Uses Whom" Search).

What is a company Snapshot? (back to top)

A Snapshot is a brief listing of company name, address & phone, industry, sales, employee size, website and one contact (defaults to the top person of the company. Other names can be selected by way of the personnel function check boxes on the Build a List Search page).

What is a company Snapshot download? (back to top)

The information contained in company Snapshot can be downloaded to a text or excel file. The data file can then be loaded into a database or opened for mail merges or various other purposes.

How do I choose companies to view or download? (back to top)

All Sorkins searches work the same way in that you will always be presented with a list of companies or executives to choose from, with the exceptions of the LEADS data (from Current STL Leads search). (Searches Explained) .

You are able to use the various Sorkins.com searches to get a master list of companies that meet your criteria as often as you wish. You will never be charged for searching.

How does viewing "Current STL Leads" use credits? (back to top)

These Leads are provided by our BRB Division. BRB's Specialty is to track business changes in the St. Louis Metro Area. Either moving into the area as a new company or moving to a new location within the area.

BRB data is time sensitive information, events occurring before or within the last 2 weeks. This is information is collectd and e-mails to BRB clients on a daily basis. Sorkins customers access the information through the "Current STL Leads" search.

BRB leads are broken down by category. Choosing a category will result in a list of companies (Leads). The company list is sorted - most recent information to oldest. Clicking through to the details on a given company, you'll be charged 1 credit per company viewed.