Sorkins National List

Sorkins research staff can build a business list covering any city in the nation.

Companies that use one or two national databases miss a large segment of their target market because each database pulls their information from one limited source - the phone book, credit reports, etc. Once Sorkins staff has your criteria, e.g., industries, locations, revenue, and more, we can compile one list using multiple national and local resources to obtain a complete picture of your targeted market. Yet, we are still more affordable than these national databases.

We have developed a rigorous methodology, including the removal of duplicates, closed companies, mismarked industries, companies that moved out of the area, etc., to minimize errors in the list. If you already have a database, we can supplement your current information and clean/scrub your database if interested. We can add email addresses not only to your requested contact list but your current list as well.

At Sorkins, 99% of our clients become repeat customers.

Why do you think that is? Because they know - Business Knowledge is Power.

Benefits of Using Sorkins National

New Customers

First Rule of Marketing - Know Your Target.

Whether you need a list of potential customers or targeting one company, Sorkins is your powerhouse.

Use our many search options (company name, location, revenue, employee count, industry, executive info, and more) to create a targeted list. Then review your extensively researched contact list to get all the important details (company contact information, stats, executive names, emails, and more).

Our research staff is your research staff - need additional information, we are here to help.

Many of our clients have used our information for over 35 years to gain new customers. These companies credit Sorkins with thier success.

More Contacts

Every CRM Needs More Contacts

If you built your CRM from any source other than Sorkins, you are missing at least 30% of the local business market.

Business and executive information is constantly changing. changes with it. Pulling our information from many resources, we configure contact lists with superb detail and high accuracy.

Sorkins can add or update the companies and/or contacts (including email addresses) you are missing.

Research First

Sorkins started in 1984 as a book of lists, listing the top companies in each industry. The demand to be included was so overwhelming, the book grew into a directory covering several regions -- with over a hundred researchers and reporters profiling each business.

With the age of technology, hence the birth of, our information became more accessible, fluid, and targeted. All of our information can be searched and sorted using several criteria options to target companies and executives.

Today, Sorkins reputation still stands for excellence verifying information through the relationships we have built and the resources we scour. Sorkins is the only business database focused on researching, reporting, and publishing company information. For decades, we have covered the business market in great detail.

Search Criteria & List Information

Sorkins is a database that can be searched and sorted to find your target companies and/or executives.
We offer various search criteria to accumulate the best information for you. By accessing our easy-to-use interface or requesting our staff's assistance, the following are examples of the several options available.

Search Options

  • Company or Executive Name
  • Sales Revenue
  • Employee Size
  • Industry or Industry codes (NAICS/SIC)
  • Geographic Location
  • Departmental Decision Makers
  • Personnel Title & Resposibility
  • Ownership Type
  • Speciality Organizations
  • And More . . .

Detailed Information

  • Company Contact Information
  • Revenue
  • Employee Size
  • Address
  • Website
  • Year Founded
  • Primary & Sub Industries (NAICS/SIC)
  • Key Executives (with email)
  • And More . . .

Format for Any CRM

All business and executive information can be provided in either a Excel or text file.

The Excel spreadsheet can be saved as a .CSV file, which is compatible with most CRM software.

Sorkins has a history of working with some of the most well-known companies and educational institutions.


"In any business, Knowledge is Power! HRMC recognizes this and has always provided our clients with the best research tools in the industry, and that has always included Sorkins. . . As a professional career consultant, salesperson and business owner, I can sincerely say that Sorkins is one of my most valuable business tools."

J. Wolf

"Sorkins has been very helpful in developing business. Access to direct numbers, names and titles of key decision makers, and snapshot company overviews are all valuable tools to help spend time more effectively."

A. Bell

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